Vinyl is back, or is making a comeback because it never disappeared. 
My vinyl collection up to now can be viewed here! 

* My first 2016 vinyl purchases *

The vinyl LP is BACK! (More info here!)

Nice book about vinyl lovers: "Passion for Vinyl" by Robert Haagsma (more info here!)

Check out some vinyl store's in my neighborhood :
Or buy 2nd hand vinyl online:  Back2Black, Bob's Vinyl

Some various artist albums, rare...

Hard Rock Live: Original live recordings 2 LP (Info: Discogs)

Super Group Festival (Info: Discogs)

Monsters of Rock (Info: Discogs)

Time to clean:
Knosti Disc Antistat LP washer (Tip!)

Purple vinyl: Kiss - Love Gun 1998 (From: The Originals 1974 - 1979: Limited Editions 2500 pcs. Japan Boxset) - Info: Discogs

White vinyl: Jan Akkerman - Live 1978

Grand Funk Railroad - Some Kind of Wonderful (7" single)